The 5 Core Pillars of IT – 5 Free Webinars for SME Stakeholders

November 8, 2021 / Web Development, Web Hosting


The constantly evolving digital world means today’s IT solutions professionals don’t just need to understand the technology, they also need client-centric skills to understand the customer, their company’s goals and their day-to-day business challenges. Only this way can valuable partnerships be established that guide customers through their required IT roadmaps and deliver solutions that have impact.

A common problem for many SME stakeholders is that a limited understanding of new technologies, together with a lack of transparency, can prevent the right decisions from being made to achieve the best return on investment – especially when it comes to procuring core business IT infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the highly competitive nature of today’s market also means some service providers are focused far more on profits than on their customers’ needs and goals. Too many organisations have bought into solutions that are too extensive for their needs, incorrectly architected or where lack of foresight means significant issues could arise further down the line.

This is where Hyperslice strives to be different. As the UK’s leading, independent managed IT solutions provider, our philosophy centres around helping our customers understand the technology so they are in a better position to choose the right solution for their core business IT.

Free Webinars

As part of that commitment, our expert teams have created a series of five helpful and informative webinars covering the 5 Core Pillars of IT and we are providing these free of charge. Each webinar focuses on one of the five pillars and these are:

  1. Choosing the correct IT Infrastructure
  2. IT security and compliance
  3. Data Backup
  4. IT Disaster Recovery
  5. IT Business Continuity

Created by our highly experienced specialist solutions team, led by Head of Account Management, Mel Suriyabandara, each one-hour webinar is aimed at key leaders in small to medium-sized companies. They are designed to give you a better grasp of new technologies, together with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the IT strategies and best-practice methodologies that can help you transform your company’s IT journey. 

We will discuss each of the topics using terms you will understand, avoiding technical jargon where possible, to ensure our advice is clear and transparent. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions or for further explanations in a Q&A session at the end.

Don’t miss out on such a valuable opportunity – book yourself a timeslot today. We look forward to talking with you. 


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