Benefits of Managed Backup Solutions for Enterprises

October 10, 2023 / Enterprises


While data has become vital to today’s organisations, it presents both opportunities and challenges. Its opportunities are the immensely valuable insights that drive modern decision-making. However, with such vast quantities of data being collected, processed and kept for future use, there are the challenges of accessibility, data management, storage costs, compliance and security. As part of meeting those challenges, robust backup systems are required to ensure business continuity. For many organisations today, managed backup solutions have emerged as the preferred choice, and for a range of good reasons. Here we take a closer look at the benefits of managed backup solutions for enterprises.

Expert protection

Managed backup solutions offer an extra layer of protection by enabling enterprises to utilise the expertise of their service provider. At Hyperslice, for example, we constantly update our knowledge based on the latest threats, vulnerabilities and advancements. This ensures our clients benefit from the most advanced and secure backup practices. These services are underpinned by continuous monitoring, enabling our teams to swiftly identify and rectify issues in real time, something that might easily be overlooked in in-house setups.

What’s more, a managed system can enhance data safety through multiple redundancies, storing data in various locations to safeguard against loss. At the same time, the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies, such as military-grade encryption and integrity checking, ensure backups are secure and uncorrupted and that recovery can be effective. Automated processes are also employed to reduce the potential for human error, while regular compliance checks ensure adherence to industry-specific regulations.

Focus on what matters

Enterprises, especially those without large IT teams, can often find themselves overwhelmed by the intricate demands of data management. Backing up data, ensuring recovery options and continually testing backups can take considerable time and resources. By adopting a managed backup solution, organisations will no longer need to carry out these tasks, freeing up in-house IT teams to focus on the projects that matter.

With Hyperslice’s Veeam-certified engineers available all day, every day, our clients are never alone in navigating the challenges of data management. This level of expert support means that while backup and recovery needs are expertly taken care of, enterprises can concentrate on driving business growth and innovation.

Minimise risks

Whether through human error, software issues or malicious attacks, the risks of data loss are a real threat to today’s organisations. A managed backup solution can dramatically reduce those risks. With options for daily file-level backups and even more frequent backups for critical databases, businesses are able to ensure that data restoration can be swift and comprehensive. This approach doesn’t just back up the data enterprises need; it also ensures that recovery times are minimal so that they can bounce back with the least amount of disruption.

Offsite backup and compliance

In addition to safeguarding against software or hardware failures, companies also face the potential risks posed by local incidents, such as natural disasters or fires. By managing their backups offsite, enterprises can insulate their data from the impacts of unforeseen local events and, at the same time, support their compliance efforts. Offsite, in this context, doesn’t necessarily mean in another physical location; it can also refer to cloud-based backup solutions.

Backups from complex infrastructures

Modern enterprises don’t always run their operations on a single infrastructure. Many use a hybrid combination of on-premises servers and multi-cloud solutions, including using services like Microsoft Azure or AWS. At Hyperslice, we recognise that organisations have these diverse setups and our managed backup solutions are designed to seamlessly backup data from across all these platforms. This flexibility provides the reassurance that regardless of where our clients’ infrastructure is located, there’s a backup solution that can meet their needs.

Extend Office 365 retention

The popularity of Microsoft Office 365 among enterprises presents an additional challenge. Office 365 does not offer extended data retention beyond 30 days and this limitation can pose a serious risk, especially if data is accidentally deleted or if there is a need to retrieve older data versions. A managed backup solution can fill this gap, offering a comprehensive backup option for the Office 365 platform and ensuring that organisations have access to their data when they need it.


Managed backup solutions play a vital role for today’s enterprises. They offer robust protection for critical business data, free up resources and allow businesses to focus on their core competencies. Offering expert support, offsite backup options and solutions tailored to complex infrastructures, Hyperslice Managed Backup Services can be an indispensable asset.

For more information see our Managed Backup Services page.


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