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We are constantly seeking to implement more
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Hyperslice Sustainability
Hyperslice Sustainability

Sustainability at Hyperslice

Sustainability is the most important challenge facing the human race and at Hyperslice we are committed to doing what we can to swiftly reduce our environmental impact & support our customers to do the same.

As the UK’s leading independent managed IT solutions company, we are aware that the work we do contributes to climate change and acknowledge that there are things we need to do better and quicker.

We are constantly seeking to implement more environmentally friendly practices across our entire operations and our supply chain in our goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. While this is not something we can achieve overnight, we are steadfast in our aims and our pace of progress is accelerating.

Where we stand at present
ISO 14001 Certified Data Centres

All our data centres are certified to the ISO 14001 standard. This is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. Our certification shows that we have complied with its environmental performance requirements through our efficient use of resources and the reduction of waste. The work done to achieve ISO 140001 includes.

  • Carefully selecting our infrastructure for power, cooling, lighting and other areas.
  • Maintaining power and cooling infrastructure.
  • Ensuring cooling systems meet ASHRAE thermal guidelines.
  • Ensuring airflow is well designed.
  • Monitoring our environments daily for anomalies and faults.
  • Repairing faults promptly.
ISO 14001 certified
ISO 50001 accredited & compliant

ISO 50001 Accredited & Compliant

ISO 50001 is a standard that commits organisations to make continual progress in energy management. With accredited and compliant data centres, we demonstrate the ability to establish, implement, maintain and improve our energy management systems. This systematic approach ensures we can achieve ongoing improvements in energy performance, including efficiency and consumption. An example of this in practice is the use of advanced cold aisle contained, data centre cooling systems and the installation of LED lighting.


Our data centre operations participate in the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) and comply with the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulations. In addition, we are committed to procuring Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates for our green energy.

Sustainable Partnerships

Sustainable Partnerships

We are aware that our impact on the environment goes wider than our own activities and can be affected by the operations of our supply chain and our clients. Where possible, we seek to partner with organisations that have sustainability goals that match our own. This includes our energy providers.

As a supplier of services, we are also aware of our clients’ desires to reduce their own carbon footprints and seek to support their aims as much as possible.

For example, by replacing HDDs with faster and more energy efficient SSDs across our infrastructure, the carbon emissions caused by customers’ use of IT is reduced. On average, SSDs use half the amount of energy at load and one-eighth at idle, compared to HDDs. SSDs also last longer and are made using more environmentally friendly materials.

Sustainable Working

We are committed to flexible working which is beneficial for our employees’ work-life balance and also helps reduce emissions from commuting to work. With more people working at home, we have been able to downsize our office space and this has reduced our carbon footprint even more.

Going one step further, rather than simply moving to one single new location, we have opted for two smaller local hubs in Leeds and York, both close to bus and railway stations.

This enables employees visiting the offices to travel shorter distances and make journeys via public transport. Both our new premises have an EPC rating of A and make use of low energy technologies, like LED lighting systems.

Beyond the Environment
Electronic Communication

Electronic Communication

At Hyperslice, we have successfully eliminated almost all paper communications across our group, reducing the impact of deforestation and the manufacture and transport of paper.

At the same time, while a typical letter generates around 50 grams of CO2, a standard email only generates about 4 grams.

Internally, we are aiming to become a paperless company.

Carbon Offsetting

In conjunction with ESDS, our partner in India, we participate in and contribute to Project Green Connect. This new project has a long term aim to provide NGOs, farmers and landowners in India with enough seeds to plant one billion new trees to offset the impact of the deforestation of the Indian jungle.

Indian deforestation has caused deserts to expand, increased monsoon flooding, destroyed natural environments and reduced the jungle’s ability to absorb CO2. Our participation in the project will hopefully counteract this deforestation and its effects.
Carbon Offsetting
Beyond the Environment


Where recycling of business waste is possible, we ensure it takes place at our offices and data centres.

With regard to old servers, these are securely recycled, with certified data cleansing, and their components reused where possible. Server boxes are recycled by a national waste management company.

Beyond the Environment

We also work to align our activities to the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a local and national level.

The Future

Our ultimate objective is for the activities of Hyperslice to have no negative effects on the environment.

This includes carbon emissions, pollution, impacts on environmental habitats and waste. At the same time, we aim to offset any historical impact our operations have had since our launch.

Beyond the Environment