IT Strategy and Consultancy

From an IT partner that you can trust

Always on hand to offer expert guidance

Without a thorough and up-to-date understanding of IT, it can be a challenge to spend budgets wisely or leverage the advantages that technology has to offer.

Hyperslice IT Strategy and Consultancy brings together expert technical knowledge and proven commercial prowess, helping you utilise technology to improve productivity and revenue. Whether you need project-based initiatives to help with specific organisational needs or a business-wide strategy to drive long-term investment and road mapping, our team has the experience to help.

Today, IT departments are relied upon to enable and support a wide spectrum of an organisation’s operations. Hyperslice IT Strategy and Consultancy can help your IT department and its resources work smarter to optimise those operations and better achieve your goals. Our experienced consultants will work in partnership with you to plan for, implement and enhance services, such as managed cloud deployments, infrastructure management, network security, reliable and available application delivery and end-user IT support. Contact us for more

Infrastructure Health and Security Audits

In-depth analysis of your business IT infrastructure.

Mitigating risks for a smoother technology roadmap

Our infrastructure health and security audits identify current and future issues, enabling them to be swiftly dealt with. This gives you the reassurance that your infrastructure complies with standards and is correctly configured.

The audits carried out by our expert teams provide insights that can help improve availability and performance, reduce the need for operational support, lower costs and strengthen security. Additionally, they help us provide the right solutions and recommendations for areas that need improvement.

The audit includes a review of (where applicable) Windows infrastructure, network devices, infrastructure monitoring, configuration management policies and procedures, wireless connectivity coverage and security, WAN links bandwidth utilisation, backup and recovery procedures, IT compliance, data centre and IDF environments, hardware inventory management, unified messaging infrastructure and business requirements (e.g. SLAs, support contracts, etc). Contact us for more

Cyber Essentials Plus

Expert Insight to Cyber Security Controls from Hyperslice

Showcasing your commitment to security and awareness

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed cyber security certification scheme, developed by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), that lays out a robust cyber security baseline, suitable for all organisations regardless of size or sector. When implemented correctly, it can prevent around 80% of cyberattacks.

The scheme addresses five key controls:
  • Secure configuration
  • Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
  • Access control and administrative privilege management
  • Patch management
  • Malware protection

Cyber Essentials Plus is the highest level of certification under the scheme and Hyperslice can help you achieve this.

While Cyber Essentials is self-assessed, Cyber Essentials Plus requires external evaluations from an accredited expert, like Hyperslice. Organisations wishing to achieve this level of certification need an on-site or remote technical assessment to verify that they are adhering to the Cyber Essentials standard. Following this, workstations, servers, IoT and BYOD devices undergo a technical examination to check for vulnerabilities. Once completed, the certification badge is awarded and you have 21 days to correct any failures. Contact us for more

ISO 27001 and GDPR Compliance

Hyperslice can help you achieve ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance.

Accreditations and Certifications from Hyperslice

ISO 27001 helps organisations to handle data security professionally, implementing systems and processes that guard against the risk of security breaches or the misuse of data. It works in line with your business and the types of data it holds, including financial details, employee records, authentication credentials and confidential client information.

The GDPR compliance process begins with the creation of a compliance plan. The challenge for many organisations is maintaining it. To prevent this becoming an overwhelming task, organisations need a simple, continuous compliance plan that records evidence of progress and which is reviewed at scheduled times. Contact us for more

Customer Testimonial

Pete Worthington - CEO

It's always a great thing when you find a good technology partner! Having worked with Hyperslice for over 10 years we can report this to be true. As a web software development company we require solid and reliable services which Hyperslice provide. But more than that they are quick to resolve any issues, happy to advise and proactive in helping us to maintain and grow the server infrastructure we need. Thank you Team Hyperslice.

European Aluminium
Kelly Roegies - Communications Manager

We have been working with Hyperslice since 2018 and have found them to be professional and helpful throughout the transition. Hyperslice takes the approach of a technology partner as opposed to a supplier and invest effort to understand our business as well as how we work. With regular interaction, we truly feel that we have a solid IT Partner who takes the time to update us and advise us on the best way to manage our Web infrastructure. Hyperslice are a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended.

L33 Limited
Lee Austin - CEO

We recently migrated all our website hosting services over to Hyperslice. The team took the time to find out our requirements, made suggestions and implemented the solution without issue. We are now saving 50% on our hosting costs with an estimated 200% increase in performance compared to our previous supplier. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any enterprise level business.

GB97 Limited
Carlos Naranjo - UK Director

GB97 Limited has received professional support and expert guidance from Hyperslice for our first key project.

We genuinly feel we can reach our goals with more confidence working with Hyperslice

CavOK Limited
Christopher Waldron - Director

As a small enterprise we need a technology partner who will complement our limited resources.

We have found Hyperslice easy to deal with, responsive in day to day support and ready to engage with our strategic requirements.

WA Designs
Debbie Heath French - Managing Director

We have recently upgraded our Cloud infrastructure through Hyperslice who we have been with for four years. Just like when we moved the business to them, the service was second to none. Mel & the team were on hand every step of the way and migrated all websites with ease.

Hyperslice are a key part of our team and we would recommend them to anyone wanting a dedicated server with fantastic on hand support where nothing is too much.

Forta Productions
Katie Ringer - Head of Content & Design

We contacted Hyperslice in order to host an important virtual event platform on a temporary server. They were able to turn around and support us above and beyond our expectation both in timescale and quality, they were able to build a bespoke server overnight. We have now purchased a full time server for this service and have been very impressed by the level of support that we have received.

Though we are a relatively new client, we are definitely looking to be a long term one both due to pricing and the level of support.