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September 12, 2023 / Enterprises


In today’s digitised world, nearly every aspect of running a business seems to involve technology. For enterprises, this means that having robust and efficient IT services is essential. Operating in the digital landscape doesn’t just mean acquiring the latest tools, but ensuring they are well-managed, secure and seamlessly integrated. Managed services play a vital role in making this happen and in this article, we look at the core managed services that have become essential for modern enterprises.

  • Managed infrastructure: public, private & hybrid
    Robust infrastructure management builds a solid foundation that ensures that businesses can function and evolve in a digitally competitive environment. A public cloud offers services to users over the Internet, with its biggest advantage being scalability. From software development to web hosting, it provides resources on-demand. A private cloud, on the other hand, offers a dedicated environment that provides more control and security, often essential for businesses handling sensitive data or those needing specific customisations. However, as not every enterprise’s needs can be fitted neatly into public or private, the hybrid cloud bridges the gap, merging the scalability of public clouds with the security of private clouds, and offering businesses flexibility in deployment and operation.
    With carefully managed infrastructure, enterprises can ensure that complex systems work effectively, are optimised to deliver the best performance, that costs are minimised, and that security is maintained.
  • Managed backup solutions
    An enterprise’s data can be one of its most valuable assets, so it is essential to ensure it doesn’t get lost. Managed backup solutions offer automated and secured data backups that minimise the potential for data loss caused by unforeseen disasters or errors. With these services, enterprises can feel confident that their critical data will always be available, secure and retrievable, even when the unexpected strikes.
  • Managed storage
    Data storage is not just about having enough space, but about the smart allocation and management of that space. Managed storage solutions ensure efficient data organisation, easy access and retrieval, optimal performance and greater control over who has access. Additionally, with features such as data deduplication and tiered storage, enterprises can ensure their storage is cost-effective and streamlined.
  • Managed connectivity: point to point & last mile
    As connectivity is critical for digital organisations, managed connectivity ensures the stable and fast connection that is essential for business continuity. Point-to-point connectivity focuses on the connection between two distinct locations, offering dedicated bandwidth and ensuring high-speed and secure communication, while last-mile connectivity, delivers the connection from a local network provider to the end-user – often the trickiest part, as it needs to ensure speed and reliability where it matters most.
  • Managed SD-WAN
    Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) has changed the game for business networks, offering flexibility, cost savings and enhanced performance. With a managed SD-WAN, enterprises can ensure that routing policies are optimised, network traffic is efficiently directed, and connectivity issues are dealt with swiftly.
  • Managed monitoring
    It’s not enough just to have digital tools and connections; enterprises need to ensure they’re running optimally. Managed monitoring keeps an eye on the health of systems, networks and applications. With real-time data, performance analytics and proactive alerts, issues can be detected and solved before they escalate, ensuring business continuity and client satisfaction.
  • Seamless 24/7 global support
    In the global market, where businesses operate non-stop from a variety of locations, having round-the-clock support is not a luxury but a necessity. With seamless, 24/7 global support, enterprises can ensure that, regardless of time zones or unexpected challenges, there’s always an expert available to assist, fix issues or provide critical system updates.


Managed services have emerged as the linchpins that hold the complex technology of modern businesses together. From ensuring optimal infrastructure performance to providing constant monitoring and global support, these services enable enterprises to focus on their core offerings while being assured that their IT solutions are in expert hands.

About Hyperslice Managed Services

The UK’s leading independent managed hosting group, Hyperslice serves over 35,000 global businesses with bespoke, dynamic IT solutions. Our expertise in cloud technology streamlines your operations, whether it’s through a public, private or hybrid cloud, and our Veeam-certified engineers deliver first-class backup services, ensuring data protection across the board. We safeguard data with enterprise-class storage solutions, ranging from SSD-based cloud repositories to SAN offerings and S3-compatible storage, while our focus on connectivity guarantees a secure, dedicated connection, from point to point or last mile, providing consistent performance and scalability. Our managed SD-WAN service, meanwhile, optimises low latency, high bandwidth connections that swiftly adapt to user requirements. At the same time, our HyperMonitoring™ vigilantly oversees your IT systems and our HyperSupport™ delivers round-the-clock global IT infrastructure assistance.

For more information, visit our Managed Services page.


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